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Love marriage vs Arranged marriage

Shivani Samant
Feb 26, 2022
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Love marriage vs Arranged marriage

Marriage plays an important part in a person’s life. Finding the right partner is a major area of concern. Besides that, you also have the concerns of whether the relationship will lead to marriage or not. Whether you go for love marriage or an arranged marriage, horoscope plays a vital role. Remember, unless the planets of love and marriage are in the right positions in the astronomical alignment, marriages may not happen. Horoscope compatibility is important for a successful and long-lasting relationship. There are 12 houses in astrology, and each of them has significant reactions to your relationship.

A Look at the Planets for Marriage Prediction

The planets responsible for love and marriage astrology are Venus, Mars, Moon, Mercury, and Rahu. These and the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 11th houses all collaborate to make the relationship work.

5th House: The first house relating to love and marriage is the 5th house. The planets should be in the 5th house for the relationship to work out fruitfully.

7th House: It is the most significant among the houses that decide whether your romantic relationship will work or not. Venus is a primary planet for romance, and marriage is the lord of 5th house. It should associate with the lord of 2nd House, lord of 7th House, or the 11th house for a relationship to mature for marriage.

8th House: This house dictates physical and sensual intimacy that is core for a marriage to be happy and long-lasting too.

11th House: It directly means success and happiness among family and friends circle.

You can know about marriage prediction, whether love or arranged, by match-making astrological aspects. Look out for the combination of Moon and Venus while Kundli matching to get a signal about the romantic relationship and marriage of love.

Chances to Have an Arranged Marriage

When Venus in the male chart or Jupiter in the female chart is in the 3rd, 9th, or 11th house, there are chances of arranged marriage, and you will find a partner from friends or by other networks. Likewise, when Venus in the male chart and Jupiter in the female chart is in the 5th or 11th house, they may meet their partners from any friend’s wedding or social gathering. More such combinations of the planets and their houses predict how a person is destined for an arranged marriage.

Chances of Love Marriage

Your chances of love marriage are high when Jupiter is in the 5th house in the girl’s chart, and Venus is in the 5th house in the boy’s chart. When these two signs exchange their positions or look for the matches, love marriage is in store for the girl or boy as per relationship astrology.

These insights prove that love and arranged marriages are not just good at predicting, but also direct the flow of our life. Get more details about your love horoscope by using the Taaraka astrology app.

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