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About Us

50 years back if someone were to say that we can clone a human being in a laboratory, we would have said this person is crazy! After billions of dollars of investment in genetic engineering and tireless work by the best scientists, today it is possible.

Similarly, we understand the power of astrology as a science, but unfortunately the best minds have not got the opportunity to do research on this subject and push it forwards. We at Taaraka want to change this, so that our future generations can see astrology as a science (without any doubts) and benefit from it.

Our team of IITians & MIT fellows have worked tirelessly to marry the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology with the power and accuracy of cutting edge technology. Taaraka’s AI powered platform can decode your birth chart patterns and provide you with free daily insights related to different aspects of your life. We believe in this stuff and want everyone to experience the magic of vedic astrology.

For detailed analysis, predictions and life guidance, our “Premium Counseling” and “Ask a Question” feature connects you with Astro-Scientists who use years of experience, analytics and advanced algorithms to give you the best advice for your situation. Thousands of users have benefited greatly from this service. The revenues that we generate from these services goes into research and development of new data science models that in turn continuously help us to improve our services for our users.

At Taaraka, we are always striving to improve and offer the best experience to our users. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions at

Our Team

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Founder, CEO
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Technology & Product
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