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Is astrology for real?

Dhananjay Modgalya
Apr 6, 2022
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Is astrology for real?

People have different conceptions about astrology. Some people think it is an integral part of their life. On the other hand, some people think that astrology is just a superstition that doesn’t have any necessary role in life. Every concept has its base and people who don’t believe in astrology have their own reason for not believing.

Non-Believer’s Perspective

Although astrology has been a part of our culture and civilisation for a long time. Yet, it is still not proven science by the latest scientific yardstick. According to science, omens and constellation don’t have any logical and explainable relation between human life. And most importantly, scientists believe that the predictions of astrology are not always accurate since they do not necessarily provide scientific logic and explanation.

Misconceptions of Astrology

People usually misunderstand the importance and purpose of astrology which sometimes leads to their disbelief. There are some myths that are popular among people and these myths contribute a lot to give the wrong description of astrology to the people.

  • Most non-believers believe that Astrology provides inaccurate predictions based on constellations and signs. However, it is because people tend to ignore that astrology makes conclusions that are based on accurate ascendant sign and thousands of mathematical calculations.
  • Another common misconception is that astrology is just about predictions of life events. However, the fact is that astrology can help you see your powerful points and it can point out the self-improvement aspects of your personality.
  • People argue that horoscope reading is for the purpose of analyzing the power of the relationship between a couple. However, the fact is that it gives the highlight report of major personality conflict where a couple can improve themselves to lead a better life.

Superstitions of Astrology

The things that happen around us usually become the reason for our perspective towards a certain topic. That is exactly the reason for the people who don’t believe in astrology. There are so many people who turn astrology into a superstitious power. This becomes the reason why some people think that it is a concept based purely on superstition. It changes their thinking accordingly.

  • Some people believe that deliberately changing the time of birth can make a big difference in a child’s life. However, there is no option of overpowering the karma regardless of how auspicious birth time you may choose.
  • We can also see another superstition amongst believers that astrology can be the solution to all problems. They seek astrological help even in something that requires effort rather than any astrological analysis.

Why Do People Believe in Astrology?

People still believe in astrology because it is not a superstition or mythical concept. Astrology is purely based on calculations and accurate analysis which is why it gives the most accurate conclusions and predictions. Astrology is more of a guiding light to a life path.

There is certainly no reason to mark astrology as a superstition. It is just complex mathematics that can be confusing for those who don’t understand it. However, modern astrologers can make this process of understanding and availing astrology exciting and easy for you. Download Taaraka astrology app today and avail the best astrology services for your needs at the comfort of your sofa.

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