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Astrology First House : House of Self

Dr. Meenakshi
Feb 26, 2022
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Astrology First House : House of Self
“Astrology is language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” – Dane Rudhyar

Astrology is that art and science that allows us to understand our present, delve deeper into our past and guides us into our future. The primary subject involved in astrology, in most cases, is the individual who seeks answers. While it is common to expect people to ask questions about situations and events, one thing that people must learn about is themselves. In Vedic astrology, an individual’s birth chart is prepared based on the date, time and place of birth. Using a specific set of calculations, a birth chart is prepared for each person, which is then used to make predictions.

For those who are unaware, the birth chart for each person is divided into 12 houses and each of these houses has a house lord. Based on each person’s date, time and place of birth, different planets and astrological signs are placed in each of these houses. It is this complex interplay of planets and signs in various houses that determine the personality, relationships, events and occurrences in an individual’s life. However, another important information that the houses give is the nature and personality of the individual and how he/she reacts to different people and situations throughout their life. Each house in astrology represents a different aspect of life. In order to delve deeper into each house, we shall begin with the first house.

The First House – Introducing the Ascendant

The first house in an astrological birth chart is referred to as the ascendent because it represents the degree of the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth, at a particular place on earth when the native was born. It is from this ascendant that the rest of the sky is divided into a total of 12 equal houses.

While each house has its own importance, the first house is of utmost importance among them because it represents birth, a new beginning and more importantly about one’s own self. In fact, the first house is thought to be synonymous with new beginnings and the environment one gets during the early stages of life. The first house is also associated with the Sun, is ruled by the first astrological sign of the series i.e. Aries and the planet Mars.

If one looked at each of the houses, they are representing one part of the body each, beginning from the head till the toe. According to this, the first house represents the head and upper part of the face.

What does the First House Represent?

As mentioned earlier, the first house essentially represents one’s own self. Yes, the first house in your birth chart represents you – who you are, how you are, what your personality is like, what will you become, your outlook and approach towards life; what you think of yourself, how you look, your bodily features, your sex appeal, strengths and how each of these impact your life.

Since the first house signifies the beginning, especially the beginning of life. It is also an indicator of one’s childhood and early years of their life. This includes our first steps into this world, our view, how we develop; and how the early part of life influences our future. An important aspect of birth charts; is that the planets that are present in the different houses at the time of birth are constantly moving from one house to the other as time passes by. This transition of planets indicates the growth, development, and transition of an individual– both internally as well as externally.

What do different planets in the first house mean?

Each individual is different due to different planets placed in different positions in the 12 houses. When astrology is used to predict events in one’s life, each house isn’t taken individually. Rather the planetary positions in all houses along with their varying degrees, the house lords, and the different signs are considered together to give a reading or prediction.

However, there are some generalisations made about the effects brought to the individual by different planets and signs when placed in the first house.

Planets in the First House

  • Sun in the 1st house – The presence of the Sun in the first house indicates that the individual was born during sunrise. The individual with this placement of the Sun is usually straightforward, has high moral values and is ambitious. Since the first house is in direct aspect to the 7th house(the house of marriage and partner), this placement of the Sun in the first house influences one’s married life too.
  • Moon in the 1st House– Presence of the Moon in the 1st house gives the individual flair for personality. Such individuals usually have attractive personalities; and others cannot help but notice them. This placement of the Moon also makes one emotional, sensitive, and extremely caring of others. Individuals with Moon in their 1st house are also self-conscious at times and have a strong relation to their mother. This placement also increases the native’s chances of travel.
  • Mercury in the 1st House – Individuals; who have mercury in their 1st house are extremely intelligent beings with a powerful imagination, argument power, cognition and make for great teachers, poets, journalists, writers or priests. However, individuals with this placement of Mercury are often susceptible to cheating by others. They are also extremely talkative.
  • Venus in the 1st House – Individuals with this planet in the 1st house are usually charming, polite and have a charismatic personality; people are attracted to such natives due to their gentle nature and personality. Women with Venus in their 1st house are extremely attractive. People with this natal chart placement of Venus are a lover for arts and are also very good at them.
  • Mars in the 1st House – Mars is where your energy is. People with Mars in their 1st house are accident-prone, athletic and dominating. Mars also represents strength and so natives with this planetary position are courageous, strong but these people are often impatient.
  • Jupiter in the 1st House – Having Jupiter in one’s 1st house is said to be one of the best houses for the planet. Individuals with this planetary placement are noble and good looking, are jovial, always smiling and have a great sense of humour. Jupiter is known as the planet of luck and so it does precipitate well from tricky or bad situations for the natives. This placement also makes the native careless, lazy and self-indulgent.
  • Saturn in the 1st House – Saturn in the astrological realm signifies hurdles and obstacles that one faces in life. Having Saturn in the 1st house makes the native an introvert, slightly distant from people, and such people mature later in life. It also makes the native very demanding and throws in his/her way many obstacles that are probably fruits of their own karma from past lives.
  • Rahu in the 1st House – Individuals with Rahu in their 1st house are often self centred. They have an inflated ego and can be extremely mean to others. The individuals are full of vigor and go to any length to keep their freedom. They are brave, risk-takers, love debates and arguments. They can be very insensitive and insensible when it comes to emotions but have strong analytical skills.
  • Ketu in the 1st House – Individuals with this placement of Ketu are said to have a mysterious personality. In many cases the natives have a magnetic personality, i.e. people are drawn towards them. It is difficult to understand individuals with this planetary placement. Such natives may also have psychic abilities or strong intuitive powers.

How do Different Zodiac Signs Affect the 1st House?

As we saw earlier, the 1st house belongs to Aries. However, at the time of one’s birth, the sign in the ascendant can be different and thereby, bring about different effects. For example, based on the zodiac sign in your ascendant, this is how people will perceive an individual:

  • Aries : Impulsive person
  • Taurus : A simple, down-to-Earth person
  • Gemini : Friendly, social person
  • Cancer : Warm-hearted individual
  • Leo : Proud person
  • Virgo : Critical and scrutinising personality
  • Libra : Has strong moral values (a moralist)
  • Scorpio : Very secretive personality
  • Sagittarius : Aloof or distant character
  • Capricorn : An ambitious nature of the individual
  • Aquarius : A thoughtful nature
  • Pisces : Sensitive person

The first house is the first step into a person’s past, present, and future. When you read and understand what is happening in the first house of an individual’s natal chart. It gives you a clear picture of the person first and then how he/she is impacting or is impacted by things happening around them. The first house is a sort of a mirror and is a critical part of analysing a birth chart.

To know more about your First House in your birth chart; do consult our astrologers or download Taaraka app; and we will guide you. For more astrology based information, visit our blog page.

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