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Compatibility for Marriage

Girish PV
Feb 26, 2022
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Compatibility for Marriage

The relationship between a man and a woman is considered to be the most important in an organized society. It is a relationship that is looked up with great respect and hence much emphasis is given on the compatibility score before the two eligible parties (prospective bride and bridegroom), especially before settling down in a nuptial knot.

This is even more important in the Indian context, where the society is still driven by values and does not allow any stigma being attached in the event of a breakup, post marriage. Some observers may call it conservatism, but in practice, even today, a large portion of people in Indian society provide more importance to make sure that a married #relationship is sacrosanct.

It is due to this reason, the father of the bride (Girl’s parents) assume more responsibilities while ensuring that a #marriage alliance is genuine and long-lasting. Even today, when there is a marriage prospect (only for arranged marriage) is shared with the bride’s side, there is more apprehension than enthusiasm, as one wrong decision can affect the future. The apprehension is also skepticism about the conduct of the prospective Bridegroom, especially with his nature, future prospects to earn and also his ability to take care of his spouse, post marriage. Imagine, with so many worrying questions, what should be the remedy to the parents of the bride?  

Thankfully, the ancient Indian society is full of knowledge that has provided us many ways and methods to find out the answer to such a problem. One such scientific method is Vedic Astrology. Yes, it is this ancient science of Vedic astrology that has many answers to our problems and it is, therefore, even today, the bride’s side emphasis more attachment to the subject, especially considering the many success rates provided by this ancient science.

Hence even today, when a prospective bride is approached by the groom, inadvertently, the bride’s side would say, “let’s consult a good Vedic astrologer” though, in reality, they (parents of a bride) would have rarely consulted an astrologer in the past.

In fact, it is the ancient science of astrology which has taught us that a native’s horoscope can be used to assess the future, career, personal life, wealth accumulation, and many other aspects too. Though there is other science that has been developed by western #astrologers, the Indian Vedic system of compatibility check or the system called Matching Making considers 8 parameters before deciding the fate of the bride and the bridegroom. These 8 parameters are considered widely as comprehensive and meticulously checks every aspect of one’s life, before and after marriage.

This method of #compatibility check is called an Ashtakoot method. The method considers the constellations and the zodiac signs of the prospective bride and the groom. Based on them, a total of 36 points are assigned under eight different parameters. Though not proportionately, a weighted average of the sum-total is considered healthy.

The following eight parameters are considered between the boy and girl for marriage.

  • Varna Koota
  • Vashya Koota
  • Tara Koota
  • Yoni Koota
  • Graha Maitri Koota
  • Gana Koota
  • Rashi and Bhakoot Koota
  • Naadi Koota

Now in a normal language or to a common man, what do these parameters check? Some of the following compatibility that is checked through the about parameters are given herewith.

Longevity: Imagine a marriage where the longevity is not promised on either or both the horoscopes. Then what happens in that case? Can one lead a happy married life? Certainly no. It is important points in any compatibility that is checked.  

Health: Imagining there is prosperity, financially but no health to enjoy. Then what happens? Here too; the health of the two prospective bride and groom are analysed for better living.

Finance: Without Money, there is no meaning in today’s life. The duo must earn well and should share it with each other. Therefore, the mutual harmony of the two horoscopes will ensure this compatibility.

Future: Why Future specifically? Is this point not analyzed in the above parameters? Not completely. One is born poor; but destined to become wealthy. This is a very important point while matchMaking or compatibility. There are instances where a native post-marriage turns wealth.

Children: Yoni Koota is for sexual compatibility, the outcome to the same should lead to progeny. Which means, the duo should also be compatible. This is also an area since through the creation of children; it is seen that the fortune of the child is built by the child’s parents.

Mutual Understanding: Finally, mutual understanding is checked independently in the horoscopes of the prospective bride and the groom. Here, the placement of all the planets is taken into account before considering the match.

In fact, in the Vedic principles of Indian lifestyle is believed; that a human being has to undertake the following four deeds of his/her life. These are Dharma (which means duty) Artha which means career and income, Kaama meaning desire of a native and finally Moksha which is liberation. Hence, in order to complete these four deeds; one has to make sure that they are accompanied by the right life partner; and also lead a happy life by expanding their lineage; both spiritually and financially wealthy.

In fact, it is here that in the modern age of the use of technology; and human intelligence comes in handy. In the modern world, with the advent of technology, one can easily find the above compatibility parameters with ease. All one has to do is to find the answers; one good team of experts and the use of their technology.

Then here is a team of experts at; who have uniquely designed technology, that not only predicts the above parameters with ease; but with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy too. It is the strength of the technology that has been desired; and developed by Taaraka enables its user to undertake informed decision. Download the Taaraka App and ask about your compatibility with your prospective partner to ensure the strength of the relationship.

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