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Astrology 3rd House – House of Communication

Dr. Meenakshi
Feb 26, 2022
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Astrology 3rd House – House of Communication
“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”   – Paul J. Meyer

After learning about one’s self, early life and growing up years from the 1st and 2nd houses respectively, it is now time to learn about one’s mental abilities and communication skills from the 3rd house. Since this house determines one’s communication skills, it is called the ‘House of Communication’. Apart from this, the 3rd house also governs journey, brothers and sisters, mental intelligence, creativity, habits and one’s inclinations towards study, research etc. In a nutshell, the 3rd house essentially governs all communication and correspondence; how one exchanges information and engages with people. It is also associated with short travels, journeys by car, bus, train, tram, brief air travel etc.

Delving Deeper into the 3rd House

As mentioned earlier, the 3rd house is the house of communication. Much of this communication is going on between the native and his/her siblings and those who the native holds close. The communication here could be both written as well as verbal but also emphasises mental connections formed in a relationship involving brothers or sisters.

The 3rd house is ruled by the planet Mercury and the astrological sign Gemini. On a deeper level, the 3rd house rules physical aspect of intelligence which includes cleverness, negotiation, self-effort, courage, believing in themselves, judgemental thinking, and mental agility. While the 9th house governs higher education, the 3rd house governs early education. How an individual faces twists of fate using his/her own mental agility and cleverness and turns around things in his/her favour is governed by the 3rd house.

Another aspect of life that is influenced by the 3rd house is the change of residences and the factor of ‘movement’ in one’s life. It determines the person’s want for peace, transition and change. As each house governs a particular region of the body, the 3rd house governs the shoulder, collar bone, throat, arms, hands and the nervous system. It also determines how courageous an individual is and whether he/she will be bold in life. For example, the presence of the planet Saturn in the 3rd house makes the individual cautious whereas, the presence of Mars makes the native bold.

3rd House and the Planets

Now that we know what the 3rd house stands for and the sectors of life it affects, it is now time to understand how the presence of the different planets affects the qualities of individuals.

Sun: People with Sun in their 3rd house like to be constantly on-the-go and are easily bored. They are very social and intellectual beings who like to be surrounded by friends and family. They have a constant thirst to acquire knowledge and information and love solving puzzles and quizzes.

Moon: Individuals with Moon in their 3rd house are extremely interested in their immediate surroundings and environment. Such individuals are very good with judging time, distances, remembering and navigating directions. They love to own and use a vehicle as it gives them immense freedom to move and travel. They find learning very easy and are usually inclined to communicate their feelings and explain them with clarity.

Mercury: As we saw earlier, Mercury is the ruler of the 3rd house and therefore, is at home in this placement. This placement is very beneficial to the native and it bestows upon the individuals supreme intellect. Such individuals are quick and agile thinkers who are prompt with words. These individuals have busy minds and busy bodies, and prefer a constantly active life, with things happening around them. These people can be easily bored with no activity in life.

Venus: Unlike Mercury that speeds things up in the 3rd house, Venus has the opposite effect and tends to slow down things in this placement. But, it’s Venus after all and it does bring in the beauty and love element wherever it goes and therefore, makes this placement a positive one after all. People with this Venus placement are attracted to and find beauty in literature, language, and the art of communication. Individuals with this Venus placement love short weekend trips with friends and families, and many even prefer to stay close to their families to be able to make frequent visits and maintain easy communication.

Mars: Individuals with Mars in the 3rd house are assertive in communication, often speak bluntly, like to win arguments, always want to be correct and can put up a fight to prove their stance. They can be intellectual bullies who want to be right at any cost. Individuals with this placement of Mars feel the need to be connected with their families and friends as this is vital to their sense of existence. They love to stay in touch and be updated with what is happening around them.

Jupiter: Having Jupiter in the 3rd house is very beneficial for the natives. Individuals with this placement often think of themselves as ‘know-it-all’ and believe they have the answers to all the problems. Such individuals have easy opportunities for early education and the planet gives them immense success in education. Jupiter in the 3rd house gives the natives power and authority within their social and community circles due to their knowledge. Such people usually have large circles of friends and family and they never like to be restricted in what they want to do.

Saturn: Contrary to the effect of Jupiter in the 3rd house, the presence of Saturn in the 3rd house can be restrictive to natives in terms of early education. Saturn is a slow-moving planet and usually slows or stalls the effects of the house it is in. The 3rd house is a house of movement and fastness and so the placement of Saturn in this house can be awkward. This awkward placement can create a bit of a struggle and this can affect the native’s life.

Individuals with this placement can be rebels who refuse to follow school rules or those of the community. Saturn can restrict the native’s ability to express himself/herself verbally but can help the native choose his/her words carefully and communicate in a thoughtful manner. Saturn makes the individual intellectually focused and patient enough to explore his/her immediate surroundings. When Saturn is well-placed, it can bring about short trips but one needs to exercise caution while driving or during travel.

Rahu: The placement of Rahu in the 3rd house is considered to be very beneficial and probably one of the best positions for the planet. Individuals with this placement are usually successful in everything they do. Such individuals are usually great advisors and are adept at solving disputes. Though they might not be always willing to help people out, they are always at the forefront when it comes to helping their family, friends, spouses and kids out.

Such individuals are also curious about religion and are often found searching for answers to several questions, many of which may lead them to self-realization. They do not blindly follow faith or beliefs. They love religion and history. These individuals love to accumulate wealth and boast about it too. They are very particular about clearing debts and are good with finances.

Ketu: Individuals with Ketu in their 3rd house in a favourable position are active and courageous. They are physically strong and have a spiritual bent of mind. They can suddenly receive a lot of money by participating in spiritual activities. Younger siblings of natives with a malefic position of Ketu in the 3rd house usually suffer due to poor health. Individuals with Ketu in the 3rd house tend to go on short trips or travels frequently.

The 3rd house talks a great deal about one’s mind and communication, both of which are essential to living as part of humanity. As we move on to the next house, we notice how the 3rd house forms the prelude to the 4th house.

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