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Astrology 2nd House : The House of Value

Dr. Meenakshi
Feb 26, 2022
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Astrology 2nd House : The House of Value

An individual’s astrological chart is divided into 12 segments, also known as houses. Each of these houses; speaks in-depth about specific sectors of one’s life; together with giving the entire picture of an individual, his/her past, present, and future. While the 1st house; is considered the most important one; as it marks the birth of an individual; it also speaks great detail about one’s early life, childhood and early environment one gets in life. Going further; we come to the 2nd house; which is also called the ‘House of Value’; and it relates to our family life, growing up years, relatives and possessions.

What does the Second House represent?

The 2nd house is related to personal possessions and the overall prosperity of an individual. It speaks about how one views security in life and what is valuable to the person. For this reason, it is also called the ‘House of possessions’. The 2nd house; gives a picture of all that we own – material goods, money, accumulated wealth, other possessions and even relationships. This, however, does not mean that this house talks only about tangible possessions. The 2nd house speaks about emotions, feelings, family, and also how we relate to different relations in our life.

The 2nd house is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus and the planet Venus. It rules the eye, lower part of the face, neck, throat, cheeks, nose and the structures in the mouth. Since the 2nd house is deeply associated; with possessions and wealth; the placement of planets and signs in this house; determine one’s relationship with money – Do they attract it or repel it?, Do they save or spend it?, How do they spend money? One can say that the 2nd house governs one’s financial standing. Not just possessions; but the 2nd house are said to govern the native’s desires; and wants about what he/she wants to have or possess. It rules the connection between owning something and the feeling of worthiness on achieving one’s desire. It also indicates, along with the houses 6th and 10th; which kind of job or career will bring the native joy and success.

Another aspect that the 2nd house governs is speech or ‘vak’, which is one’s ability to express their thoughts verbally. Those individuals; with a benefic Mercury in their 2nd house; are prolific speakers and great communicators, who are well-suited for communicating in both verbal and written forms. It also bestows upon the individual the interest and knowledge of several languages.

The 2nd house; as we have seen earlier, speaks about one’s siblings, but it also signifies family, close relatives and one’s family’s wealth. It indicates how affluently one has spent his/her childhood. Interestingly, it also governs one’s food preferences; and indulgences, therefore, bad habits can also be identified by analyzing the 2nd of the 12 houses; in an astrological chart.

What do Different Planets in the 2nd House Mean?

As we saw earlier, Venus is the Lord of the 2nd house. However, different planets in the house give the natives different ‘phal’ or benefits.

Sun: The presence of Sun in the 2nd house makes the native a dignified speaker and communicator. He/she links a large part of their identity to wealth, values and family. They tend to place a lot of importance on material wealth; and might be a bit greedy and selfish in behaviour. They might be smokers.

Moon: Individuals with Moon in their 2nd house; have a fluctuating value system and are easily affected by others, especially what their family members tell them. They may have inconsistent speech, food addictions or bad habits. However, these individuals can be quite adaptable and this makes them successful in life.

If the moon is in the 2nd house; and is in a good aspect to Mars, such individuals are usually outspoken. Similarly, if the moon in the 2nd house; is in a good aspect to Mercury, the individuals tend to speak very clearly. Also, if an individual has a Moon in his/her 2nd house; and it is in good aspect from Jupiter and Venus, the native is believed to have a large, happy family.

Mars: Individuals with Mars in their 2nd house; tend to be aggressive in their speech and argue over principles and values. These individuals might also have arguments or fights with family members. However, they are usually hard-working and earn well.

Mercury: Having Mercury in one’s 2nd house; bestows the native with being a skilled speaker; and such individuals also tend to be adaptive to domestic situations and family life. Women with this placement of Mercury tend to be excellent writers. Natives with Mercury in their second house; are influenced by multiple cultures, master many languages and have a value system that is based on tolerance.

Jupiter: The presence of Jupiter in the 2nd house makes the native a religious person. He/she may have disagreements with family members over philosophical principles and even religion.

Venus: Venus in the 2nd house is very beneficial. The native is able to achieve wealth, comforts and even gather support easily in life. He/she is usually surrounded by beauty; and creativity attracts such individuals. Such individuals who have sweet speech are very polite in their behaviour.

Saturn: People with Saturn in their 2nd house; are conservative in their values; and are usually overwhelmed; by family responsibilities. They require consistent hard work and effort in order to grow their income. Very often, such natives are unsatisfied with their jobs.

Rahu: The presence of Rahu in the 2nd house; makes the native greedy and such people have a tendency to accumulate in excess what he/she wants but doesn’t enjoy. Such individuals also suffer from eating disorders, substance abuse and have a tendency to lie.

Ketu: Ketu in the 2nd house often makes the native dissatisfied with the values they were brought up with. These individuals can be confused about their self-worth and excessive criticism of themselves.

From this, we gather that the 2nd house; in an astrological chart rules material possession, desires and wants, goals in life and our values. It also speaks about one’s ambition, success, career, wealth, affluence, and self-esteem. In a way, the 2nd house; talks about how an individual can achieve fulfilment through material possessions; but at the same time, it also informs about one’s intangible possessions. It forms a connecting link between the 1st house that talks about self; and the 3rd house that talks about one’s mental intelligence and siblings.

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