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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

In case the user opts for the "Ask a Question" service, our experts will provide the response within 24 hours of the latest information or clarification from the user. In case our experts do not respond within the stipulated time frame, the user will have the right to request for a refund of the fees paid. If the user's refund request is approved, a refund will be initiated to the user's credit card or the original method of payment. The user will receive the credit within 7 days, subject to the user's card issuer/ original payment provider's policies.

In addition to this there is a money back guarantee for the first two questions asked by the user. The user can ask for a refund if they are not satisfied with the answer provided by our experts by sending us an email at The details of the money back guarantee are provided in the app and the user needs to follow them to get their money back.

Currently we do not offer refund on our "Taaraka Premium Counselling" sessions.

Cancellation policy

In case the user pays for the "Ask a Question" service and later opts to cancel the service, he/she should write to us at within the first hour of his/her transaction being processed. It is clarified that a request for cancellation (even within the first hour), cannot be made if the response to the question has already been provided by our expert. The refund for cancellation will be as per the refund policy mentioned above.

If a user needs to cancel "Taaraka Premium Counselling" session, they need to inform us at within 6 hours of booking the session.

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