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Product & Service Description

Taaraka App delivers daily insights on various aspects of your life based on the user's birth details, such as his/her date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, provided at the time of installation. These life insights provided on a daily basis are currently free.

There is a section for motivational Quotes & Videos, which is also provided free of cost currently to our users.

There are two key paid features -
1) "Ask a Question" - The user can ask a question about his/her life which would be answered by our empaneled expert astrologers. The consultation is provided in a text chat mode, and our experts will provide the response within 24 hours of the latest information or clarification from the user. Once the expert answers the question asked by the user, the window closes for further interaction on that question. You can always ask a new paid question and refer back to previous questions.

2) Taaraka Premium Counselling - User can book a 20 min Ruby Session or 60 minute Diamond counseling session with best Taaraka experts. The users can book the timeslot for the session and specify the mode of communication, i.e. Zoom Call or WhatsApp call. If the user wants to have a whatsApp call then they need to provide their WhatsApp Number while scheduling the session.

In order to avail either "Ask a Question" or "Taaraka Premium Counselling" service, a user will have to pay fees as indicated on the Taaraka App.

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