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Will my husband be rich, important and foreign?

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Jul 30, 2022



Dear Gabriella,

Your horsocope has indications of partner being in a foreign land or due to partner you will be able to move away from your current stay. It can only be doubly confirmed once you are with him, then does his charts also suggest such patterns. In that scenario, you will both be able to naviagte or associate in activties which are foreign pursuits.

Your partner will surely be obsessed about money and wealth creation and from your charts he will make large gains in life. So I can confirm he will have more than averge material possessions and he will pursue to hoard assets and gains which are materialistic.

You chart also suggests that your partner will be of someone important by which he can either be a business person or stationed in a good position in life and he also will have the aptitude to achieve things.

Hope this clarifies your query.



7th house lord sitting in 12th with 9th lord conjoining indicates foreign travel and possibilities of international association. Rahu sitting in 8th house which is house of partners wealth aspecting 8th lord Moon which conjoins 11th lord from 7th indicates wealth caretion aptitude and obsession.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in 5th house, which is house of gains for 7th house indicating partner aspecting by venue in 11th house placed in libra indicates desires being fulfilled though association with marriage partner.

D-9 or Navamsha lord in 5th house aspected by Rahu confirms wealth chase by partner.

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