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I am in one sided love with Vansh Shah and his dob is 21/05/92 and we are in no contact relationship with him. Will he come back in my life? How will be our relationship, if he comes?

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May 16, 2022



You like to be the centre of attraction always and you would always give your best to achieve that. You generally do not expose your true side to any one including those who are close to you.

As per your query, you have a decent chance of getting into a relationship with a person of your choice and as per your chart, there could be some obstacles or resistance but eventually you could overcome the same. This can be better analysed with the birth details of that person.

You would spend your life with the person of your choice and your relationship with your better half would be cosy and good.

Best Wishes.



Vrishabha lagna with the lagna lord Venus posited in the twelfth house; Sun posited in the lagna in conjunction with Mercury; Lord of seventh house Mars posited in the second house and receiving full aspect of Moon posited in the eighth house in Dhanu.

Retrograde benefic Saturn posited in the seventh house; Mars posited in Tula Navamsha and Moon conjunct Venus in the Vrishabh Navamsha.

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