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Will my Neecha Bhanga, Raj yoga and Mahabhagya yoga make me top in UPSC in upcoming 2-3 years? As I'm feeling confident suddenly for last few months.

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May 24, 2022



As per your chart, the Neecha Bhanga Yog is caused for Sun, the fifth lord and there is no term such as Mahabhagya Yog; You have Hamsa Yog and Malavya Yog along with other Yogas. Neecha Bhang Yog neutralises only some of the negative aspects and other Yogas do give positive results at appropriate time. Profession related matters are dealt by the tenth house and Dashamsha.

You need to put in objective hard work and efforts to get success, as these Yogas support your efforts to a certain extent and you would certainly be successful in all your attempts.

Moon Maha Dasha is ongoing with Rahu Maha Dasha followed by Jupiter Maha Dasha from Nov 2023 which would be more supportive. Keep up your efforts and you would succeed in life.

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Mesh lagna with lagna lord Mars posited in the sixth house conjunct an exalted malefic Mercury; Lord of tenth house Saturn posited in the third house; Jupiter posited in the fourth house giving Hamsa Yog and retrograde Venus posited in the seventh house has Malavya Yog.

Jupiter posited in the tenth house conjunct Moon in the tenth house of Dashamsha; Moon Maha Dasha ongoing with Rahu Antra Dasha currently and Jupiter Antar Dasha starts from Nov 2023; Ashtakavarga score of tenth house is 30.

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