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I am into stock market. Somedays were there where I was like good and can be able to do everything well. Now things turned upside down and I lost all money. I am in a stage where I can't leave market but when I am into it I am facing huge losses. I can't leave market. Please help me can I clear all my debt and can sustain again. Also I want to continue this with two more partners. We want to build some small office and a small scale enterprise of our own based on market something like trading firm. Can I do this? Please help my partners are also dependent on me If this hasn't worked then they will also has to face worst consequences. I don't want them to face this. If this would be successful then I will allow them to continue with me. Please help.

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Apr 22, 2022



You have a docile personality with an inquisitive and analytic mind.

As per your chart, the current time is not quite conducive to you till around Nov 2022 and there after things would start getting better till around April 2023 and then again you have a favourable time from July 2023 till end of 2023.

It is likely that any risky ventures you take up currently may not be quite favourable, which you need to analyse and proceed carefully. Further you have a pretty positive time starting May 2024 till around end of 2026.

Best Wishes.



Tula lagna with lagna lord Venus in the eleventh house; Tenth lord Moon in the twelfth house; Sun, Rahu and Mars posited conjunct in the tenth house.

Lord of third house and sixth house Jupiter posited in the eighth house conjunct Saturn; Rahu Maha Dasha and Rahu Antar Dasha running with Mercury Pratyantar Dasha starts in Nov 2022 and Venus Pratyantar Dasha starts in July 2023.

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I have been wanting to start my o
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021
I have been wanting to start my own business for quite some years now. And, recently I have found an interest to work in the world of Crypto & Blockchain. Is it a good field of activity to best show my abilities? If not, what is?
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021

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