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Will I have a good bond with my father and mother? I feel distant from them, not sure if it because I am busy in my life or its because they also don't make effort. its hard for me to understand if they dislike me. I live with them but hardly speak to them. They talk to me and I do too but I feel my father doesn't make a great effort to have a conversation with me.

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Mar 5, 2022



You are resolute and honest and you show your true side to others. Yes, as per your chart, you would have a stable and strong bond with your parents.

Your parents do not dislike you and you will be of course more close to your mother. Your father has a different personality. He will always keep an eye on you and will be quite observant of your life.

He would be more spiritual and self realised person whom you may not understand much, hence your different perception of him. You have a good family life, be assured.

Best Wishes.



Leo Lagna with Lagna lord Sun in the Lagna conjunct Venus; The fourth lord Mars in third house conjunct Rahu; Jupiter in the fourth house Scorpio.

Ninth lord is also Mars conjunct Rahu and giving full aspect to its own sign of Aries; Ketu posited in the ninth house.

Fourth and Ninth lord Mars exalted in the Dwadashamsha in the fourth house.

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