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I've my medical entrance exam within two to three months so I just want to that if I'll be able to crack the exam this year and get admission in a good medical College or not?

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May 15, 2022



You are blessed with good observation skills focus and ability to concentrate. You also have the determination to conquer the difficulties in life.

The current time is positive for you as per your chart and the chances of your qualification in the exam are better and it is possible to crack the exam. It would also depend on the extent of your preparation and hard work which you have put in, as even if the time is positive, the efforts determine the results, in terms of getting, say, a good college etc.

The ongoing time is good for you to a moderate extent and you should prepare well. You would have a good future with professional success.

Best Wishes.



Mithuna lagna with the lagna lord retrograde Mercury posited in the eleventh house conjunct an exalted Sun and Venus; Lord of tenth house Jupiter is exalted in the second house and has full mutual aspect with an exalted Mars in the eighth house.

A benefic Saturn is posited in the lagna; Moon posited in the fifth house; Rahu Maha Dasha running with Moon Antar Dasha from April 2022 till Oct 2023.

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