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Will I attain moksha? (will it be easy for me to attain moksha)? What do I have to focus on to attain moksha?

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Jun 18, 2022



Moksha is the last stage of ultimate liberation, when you are completely desire less of anything in life. As per your chart, you have pretty good indication of moving towards spiritual enlightenment.

Although also, as per your chart, you could have great desires to succeed in life in everything you do, this aspect of yours you need to overcome. Renunciation is not indicated in your chart, which is the basic requirement to proceed in this direction, however, you can still defy all odds and achieve your objectives.

This path is definitely extremely difficult but not impossible for you. Your primary focus needs to be total renunciation of any worldly desire although living a normal day-to-day life. This process needs to adopted gradually and at a slow pace.

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Cancer ascendant with the ascendant lord Moon posited in the tenth house in conjunction with an exalted Sun, lord of twelfth house and third house retrograde Mercury and North Node (Rahu); Saturn posited in the twelfth house.

Twelfth lord of Vimshamsha (Divisional Chart 20) is Moon posited in the second house there conjunct Sun; Twelfth lord of natal chart retrograde Mercury is posited in the ninth house of Vimshamsha (Divisional chart 20).

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