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When will I get a good job and when will my financial status improve? Will I lead a happy and rich married life? Remedies to stop negative thoughts and luck amd growth in career and life.

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Jul 29, 2022



Dear Nishant,

You can expect a good job before April 2023 and after October 2022, you should pursue for a change and you will land up with a better Job.

Happiness will be elusive for you and the chase is long, you should pursue spiritual path and follow or learn from a guru to be happy in life. Your marriage life is not a major issue, but you have to be patient with marital partner for long before it reaches stability from all aspects.

At some point in your life, you should have a second income source besides regular work or become a freelancer. Growth will be better thereof. Pursuin spiritual path is the best remedy for you, along with your material life pursuits.

Start by reading scriptures and understanding them, you will find your path to lead a better life.

Hope this clarifies your queries.



Rahu-Saturn dasha beginning soon with Jupiter transit in 6th house indicating a Job change or better prospects.

Moon in 7th house will bring an emotional partner and aspected by 7th house lord Mars and 11th house Lord Sun guarantees happy marriage but Moons presence needs emotional aspects to be conquered.

Ketu in 10th disturbs career and Rahu in 4th delays emotional satisfaction.

Jupiter in 9th house aspecting lagna lord and yoga karaka brings luck and fortne through dharmic pursuits and guru.

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Jan 17, 2021

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