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As of now, my financial condition is at worst. Had given fund to someone for investment and now he is not returning and the it good lumpsum amount and hence now I am debt and the day I have started working I am in debt , so when will my financial position will improve?

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Hard Times



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Jun 14, 2022



As per your chart you have multiple skills and you are also multi talented, which you can utilise as a source for additional income to you.

The current time is volatile for you till around mid 2025, after which your financial condition could start stabilising and improving considerably and later you can also expect your loaned amount to return to you gradually.

You need to find ways to generate income from multiple sources which is suitable to you and things will improve gradually.

Best Wishes.



Kanya lagna with the lagna lord Mercury posited in the tenth house in conjunction with Mars and giving Bhadra Pancha Maha Purusha Yog; Ninth lord Venus posited in the ninth house conjunct Sun; Ketu posited in the lagna.

Rahu Maha Dasha ongoing till mid 2025 and Jupiter Maha Dasha starts thereafter.

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Hard Times


I have been wanting to start my o
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021
I have been wanting to start my own business for quite some years now. And, recently I have found an interest to work in the world of Crypto & Blockchain. Is it a good field of activity to best show my abilities? If not, what is?
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021

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