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When will I meet my life partner?

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Jul 27, 2022



Dear Pooh, Your timing to meet your potential partner if you aren't married yet starts September 2022 and until April 2025. This window of time brings the best chance for you to get married and find your partner. The period starting Sep 2022 untill March 2023 is very good to find your life partner. You should increase your pursuits to find a suitable one. You can get married then in second half of 2023. If you have certain expectations about your life partner, then starting 2019 and untill now, whatever learnings you have obtained in matters of relationships and marriage - you should do a reality check by looking within yourself and your thought process. A partner who is atleast 5-7 years younger to you will be the correct partner for you. Avoid pursuits or put less efforts to marry someone similar to your age with 1-2 years age gap. Finding a life partner who is related to financial sector in some manner in her work area will suit you. Hope this helps to clarify your query.



Jupiter transit in Pisces and Activation of antar dasha of 6th house lord after September will enhance chances to meet life partner. Venus and lord of 7th house sitting 8th from 7th house brings life partner to be unavailble situations. Saturn aspects on Venus and 7th lord will bring delay and age gap of considerable difference in true life partner. Jupiter transit in 2nd house next year and Saturn moving away from 11th and entering 12th house brings prospects of 11th and 2nd house activated indicating favourable situation for marriage. D-9 chart shows saturn transit away from 7th house in year 2023.

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Jan 17, 2021
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Jan 17, 2021

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