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Hi, l got married in 2017. 4 year of happily married life but still I don't have a baby. All my reports are normal, husband's report also normal. Please let me know about that. When we will have a baby in our life, when I would become a mother?

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May 19, 2022



As we can analyse from your chart that you have a nominal delay in having children. This could be due to health reasons such as hormonal imbalance, excessive heat in the body etc. It is advisable to consult a medical specialist in this regard.

You are blessed with the happiness of progeny, however there is just a temporary delay in that. There are good chances that you could conceive and get this happy news during the period after September 2022.

You can practice meditation and yoga to relieve any existing stressful conditions. You also need to take medical and professional advise on the diet regimen which you should be following. These are bound to give positive results.

Best Wishes.



Makar lagna with the lagna lord retrograde Saturn posited in the lagna; Lord of fifth house Venus posited in the seventh house in conjunction with Sun and Retrograde Mercury; Sun posited in Meena in the fifth house in the Saptamsha (D7) chart.

Lord of seventh house Moon posited in the sixth house conjunct Ketu; Mercury Maha Dasha running with Mercury Antar Dasha and Venus Antar Dasha starts in Sep 2022.

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Jan 17, 2021

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