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I and my boyfriend are in no contact since 29th May 2022 11:33pm. We got into an argument about meeting, he was a little busy and I was insisting to meet. Like that our argument started and at last he blocked me from everywhere. I want to know when do you see chances of contact between me and my boyfriend? His name is t.tejesh kumar, 25th June 1998. The main question here is, his birthday is on 25th of June. So will he contact me and everything will be solved between us by then?

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Jun 16, 2022



You are an individual with full of energy and are generally impulsive. You are resolute and honest and you show your true side to others. You always expect quick results to your actions.

The current ongoing time is not conducive and positive for love and relationships for you and a conducive time starts in March 2023 and you can expect things to be smoother thereafter.

Currently you can try by approaching him through your friends or through other means. You need to change the way you communicate, diplomatic communication and approach would take you a long way ahead in your life.

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Vrishabha lagna with the lagna lord Venus posited in the fourth house in conjunction with Sun and Mercury; Ketu posited in the lagna and Rahu posited in the seventh house; Seventh lord Mars posited in the third house conjunct Moon.

Moon Maha Dasha ongoing with Ketu Antar Dasha till March 2023.

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