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All I want to do is stop being such an emotional fool. I try to do everything for everyone just so that I can win their affection back. But it kills me each time I get nothing in return. I have great people in life too. When this will stop? When I will stop being so emotional idiot?

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May 23, 2022



You are blessed with good observation skills focus and ability to concentrate. You also have the determination to conquer the difficulties in life.

As per your chart, even if your thinking is not quite connected to emotions, your communication would always be connected to your emotions. Thus the most important thing for you is to become pragmatic in every communication of yours be it a friendly chat or serious discussion. This of course is easier said than done, but is quite possible if you put in consistent efforts on changing this attribute.

You can create your own style of pragmatic communication, which need not be a sudden change but a gradual and well thought out one.

Best Wishes.



Vrishabha lagna with the lagna lord retrograde Venus in the second house; Sun posited in the lagna being the fourth lord; Moon posited in the third house in own Rashi; Moon is under Pushya Nakshatra ruled by Saturn; rahu posited in the Karka Navamsha.

Moon conjunct Saturn, Mars and Retrograde Jupiter in Tula Navamsha; Ashtakavarga score of third house eon Navamsha is 43.

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I have been wanting to start my o
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021
I have been wanting to start my own business for quite some years now. And, recently I have found an interest to work in the world of Crypto & Blockchain. Is it a good field of activity to best show my abilities? If not, what is?
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021

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