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When and where and how I meet my life partner? Is it my marriage love or arrange marriage?

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May 7, 2022



Dear Radha, As per your chart, you have a mixed chance of love vs. arranged marriage. Although arranged marriage looks more likely probable.

You will have romantic encounters, but somehow there will be a discord and partners would go away in sometime, leaving you ungratified as the relationship didn't mature to the right extent. Such repeated situations will happen and unless they happen more number of times, the probability of destiny tilting its scale towards love marriage outcome is lesser than arranged marriage. Finding someone from other caste, community, religion increases your chances of love marriage. Nevertheless, love relationship converting into marriage is an uphill task as per your charts.

Finding your partner at work and your network of friend circle is more probable in case of your relationships, but sooner you involve parents or elders and discuss this matter then chances are they can materialize. Your partner can be from the west direction of your place of birth or after marriage you both will move towards the west. He will be more stronger and powerful in the relationship and your life will be centered around him, and many times your own existence will be in question due to such a strong partner. You will have to accommodate this aspect in your marriage.

Overall marital life will be fine.

Best wishes.



Vrischika lagna with lagna lord in the tenth house; Retrograde Jupiter in the lagna; Moon posited in the twelfth house in Tula conjunct Rahu with just a partial aspect on seventh house and on lord of seventh house Venus. Lord of seventh house Venus in own sign Vrishabha conjunct retrograde Mercury and Sun; Seventh lord Venus in the Kumbha Navamsha in the fifth house. Saturn in fifth house will delay matters of romance aspecting seventh house with seventh lord. Moon conjunct Rahu naturally makes ketu in seventh house in rashi chart hence marital matters unless with a different culture or foreign element can't materialize strongly.

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