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What was my past life? My ketu is in 12th does that mean I should follow spiritual path instead of marriage? Will I get any spiritual experiences or will this be my last life? I think I need a dedicated teacher then I'll be a dedicated student I like to learn also I'll be sincere .Will I get one in this life?I like to do meditation but I need someone like a father teacher whom I could trust because I'm hurt by my father,he never loved me like a father, I'm afraid of him ,he'll do anything if he gets a chance, I'm nothing in his eyes he won't care if I get hurt or even die .I fear that my husband be like him or even worse even though I want to marry somebody and leave my house to get away from this person as soon as possible. Should I join a monastery and be a nun? Or should I marry? All this is to get away from my house, I can't just run away, I need a strong reason to go without leaving any doubts that I'm escaping.

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Aug 5, 2022



Dear Anumol,

You are just coming out of your sade-sati phase and the turmoil which you are talking about is the dark cloud which will move away soon. Starting February 2023.

Marrying or following a spiritual path or leaving home, you will be in the correct frame of mind post beginning of next year. My advice is to wait untill then.

Also, just ketu being in 12th house does not mean you should follow a spiritual path instead of marriage. You have Jupiter in 7th house and 7th hosue lord conjoins Rahu in 6th house, a relationship aspect is surely strong in your chart. Once you marry, the spiritual direction will get weaken for you.

Bid your time untill beginning of next year and then take a deep thought on all the last 6-7 years of your life especially after October 2018 and your answers will be found in that time period.



Saturn transits in Aquarius over natal Saturn in 2023, this is a phase when wordly affairs and purpose will be clear to the native.

Jupiter in 12th house in 2023 will help enlighten path of spirituality or marriage matters.

Jupiter again is in the 7th house in D-9 chart, reinforcing importance of transit Jupiter in matters of marriage and career or life pursuits.

Ketu in 12th can give astral or foreign travels.

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