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What is the mission of my life?

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Jan 1, 2023



You are highly ambitious and have a burning desire to achieve success in life.

In your previous lives you could have experienced a lonely life and now these experiences have prompted you to stand up and recognize your needs and fight for what is right. You are born to encourage and motivate others with your boundless energy and hope.

You have an independent nature and prefer working alone. Your work will surely balance your past karma. You have the capability to sprint ahead of others and lead them. You have to show your courage and fulfil your dreams. While doing so you will be at peace if you help others and inspire them to overcome their difficulties. You have a determined attitude which will help you to achieve your life purpose.

Karma is the sum total of your actions in the current and previous states of birth. In this life you have to balance your karma by facing life with intelligence and keeping yourself engaged in some good work.

You have to seek opportunities to be a great communicator. You can choose profession as a teacher or an instructor and balance your karma through your intellectual pursuit. You should avoid being too rigid. Be sincere and honest in all your actions to balance your karma.

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Gemini ascendant with the ascendant lord and fourth lord Mercury posited in the fifth house conjunct Venus; Moon conjunct Rahu posited in the ninth house; Mars posited in the tenth house and retrograde Jupiter in the twelfth house; Ashtakavarga score of ascendant is 29 and that of twelfth house is 20; Venus posited in own sign in the ninth house in the divisional chart 9 (Navamsha).

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I have been wanting to start my o
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021
I have been wanting to start my own business for quite some years now. And, recently I have found an interest to work in the world of Crypto & Blockchain. Is it a good field of activity to best show my abilities? If not, what is?
Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021

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