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What is my mission in this life? I feel that I must be doing something else but I dont know what......

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Cristina D









Asked On: 

Oct 13, 2022



Your thinking is generally different from those around you. You have learnt to do things the sincere and hard way. You need to develop practicality and physical endurance.

As per your chart the mission of your life needs to be linked to understanding the human characteristics, its existence and its oneness with nature. Also it is for you to decide the mission of your life depending on what you think is most required aspect of your life and nature which is wanting and needs to be fulfilled as per your thinking.

Your past karmas can be balanced in this life where you need to bring your compassion down to the practical level. You need to give back to the society what ever comes to you, at least in some form and proportion, where it could be service in any form irrespective of the timing and value.

You could have had over reliance on others as past karma, which needs to go now and start being independent and less dependent on others.

You also need to be careful so that others do not take undue advantage of your empathy and good nature, while rendering your service.

Best Wishes.



Libra ascendant with the ascendant lord Venus retrograde and posited in the fourth house conjunct retrograde Mercury and Sun; Rahu posited in the ninth house and Ketu posited in the third house; Jupiter posited in the ascendant.

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Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021

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