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I am in a relationship with a girl for over 7 years. 3 months ago we also introduced our parents. But after some time her mother is creating problems and now that girl is listening to her mother only and we had a fight due to her mother and now girl ended up everything with me and her mother also called my parents and ended up everything so are their any chances of me getting married to this girl?

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Jul 16, 2022



You are a soft hearted person with a gentle mind and good levels of determination. You could find it quite difficult to handle devious situations.

The birth details of your girlfriend also would help better in analysing her chart along with yours to get insights and compatibility between both of you, in absence of those, from your chart we can say that, you could have some issues with your better-half the first time which could lead to some friction and this could happen only once.

But thereafter you could not be facing any such situations with your partner and you will have a smooth and happy family life.

Best Wishes.



Vrishabha lagna with the lagna lord Venus posited in the eighth house; Moon posited in the lagna; Seventh lord retrograde Mars posited in the fourth house with full aspect on the seventh house; Jupiter posited in the seventh house;

Benefic Saturn posited in the tenth house with full aspect on the seventh house; Rahu posited in the sixth house; Ashtakavarga score of seventh house is 30.

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Jan 17, 2021
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Jan 17, 2021

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