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I met a girl in 2008 when she took admission in our school. I felt a spark when I saw her but I ignored. In 2013, I fell in love with her a bit due to certain situations. After 2014, we stopped talking to each other but our destiny made us to cross our path again and again but we didn't talk due to ego and all that. I still miss her. Is there any chance we can unite. In 2018, we met again but didn't talk. Her name is Anupriya.

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Mar 14, 2022



When analysing relationships the birth details of both persons, if available gives a better perspective. Since in this case no details of the girl are available the analysis has been done only with respect to your chart.

There are chances that, there could be some kind of break in relationship with your first loveand it may not fructify, but then again, things would start changing towards a better life with your second attraction.

Still you can shed your ego and communicate your feeligs openly to conclude on taking ahead th relationship or moving on with your life.

Best Wishes.



Dhanu lagna with lagna lord Jupiter in the sixth house conjunct Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars; Seventh lord Mercury is posited in the seventh house.

Seventh lord Mercury posited in the sixth house in the Navamsha conjunct Jupiter and Ketu. Ashtakavarga of seventh house of natal chart is 23 and that of navamsha is 18.

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Jan 17, 2021

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