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Someone told me that my mother will not be with us in end of this year that's stressing me out and I am not able to sleep and iIam not able to be happy. Her name is Meena and date of birth is 2 march 1979 and she born between 7 to 8 evening in Pathankot. Please tell me is that true and, if yes, then what can I do to stop this?

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Jun 15, 2022



We have analysed both the charts of yours and that of your mother's. As a matter of policy we do not comment on other astrologers' comments.

As per the chart analysis, no such indications can be seen with respect to your mother. The current time till July 2022 calls for a little care on the health front which could be something quite minor and you can rest assured, that your mother would be hale and hearty.

If the requirement is felt, please have a professional medical check up, otherwise be happy and cheer up.

Best Wishes.



Meena lagna with lagna lord exalted and posited in the fifth house of Karka and fifth lord posited in the tenth house of Dhanu; Moon Maha Dasha with Venus Antar Dasha running with currently Jupiter Pratyanar dasha till July 2022.

Mother: Kanya lagna with lagna lord debilitated in the seventh house; Seventh lord retrograde Jupiter exalted in the eleventh house and second lord Venus posited in the fifth house; Mars Maha Dasha with Venus Antar Dasha till mid Oct 2022 and Sun Antar Dasha thereafter.

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