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I am 42-years old and often feel safocated and have fear of dying beause of heart-attack or any other disease. I am not sure why it's so; My family history is good and I am too a active and fit person. I do my full-body check-ups every year and everything comes fine on report. Though, I have some problem of throat infection but that is managable. I was fearless till age of 30 and after that all the things have changed drastically. I would like to understand if there are any signs in my chart which shows that life could end suddenly.

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Manoj Negi









Asked On: 

Jun 11, 2022



You have a focussed approach towards some aspects of life, which is good in multiple ways, at the same time this approach causes stress and anxiety on your life.

As per your chart, you would generally have good health and you would maintain positive streak of your health.

Another attribute which you could have is deep and continuous thinking on any matter pertaining to your life, you need to break the monotony of the thoughts, by focussing on things which make you happy and bring smile on your face.

You should start practicing Meditation and Yoga especially in the mornings, which build a positive energy and keep your stress away for most of the day and this will have a telling effect on your mind, it will cool your thoughts and bring a sense of balance and relief immediately.

Best Wishes.



Vrischika lagna with the lagna lord and the sixth lord Mars, posited in the seventh house conjunct tenth lord Sun; Fourth lord Saturn posited in the eleventh house conjunct Jupiter.

Moon posited in the tenth house in Simha; Ashtakavarga score of sixth house is 33 and that of lagna is 30.

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