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Should I continue my current relationship or move on? Do you see me getting married to my current boyfriend (Chintu)? Does he love me or his ex? Is he still in touch with her? Or does he love someone else apart from me? Because whenever I try to talk to him or share things, he runs away from me. It feels like a one sided love to me, as we've had numerous breakup-patchup cycles.

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May 22, 2022



You have an aggressive personality and you generally speak staright forward and hesitate to go the diplomatic way. You tend to hide your emotional side of life with others.

As per your chart, your married life and love would be initially fragile and on quite a bumpy patch with ups and downs and would gradually settle down. You need to get the compatibility analysis of your chart and that of your partner, with a known astrologer.

Your married life would be good and happy with conjugal bliss. You need to manage your communication style with a diplomatic touch.

Best Wishes.



Mithuna lagna with lagna lord posited in the twelfth house in conjunction with lord of seventh house Jupiter, lord of third house Sun, lord of eighth and ninth house Saturn; Retrograde Mars in conjunction with Ketu is posited in the seventh house.

Retrograde Mars is posited in the seventh house of Navamsha also; Rahu posited in the lagna; Seventh lord Jupiter posited under Mrigasira Nakshatra ruled by Mars.

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Jan 17, 2021

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