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What does it mean for Saturn in12th(Gemini) House and Jupiter in 1th House, Moon in 8th House for Cancer Rising "Saturn and Jupiter are retro"?

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Jul 9, 2022



As per the birth details shared by you, your ascendant is Gemini and Retrograde Jupiter is posited in the ascendant in conjunction with the North Node (Rahu); Retrograde Saturn is posited in the twelfth house in Taurus; Moon posited in the eighth house in Capricorn conjunct an exalted Mars.

Individual planet positions and their significations are always to be studied in a holistic way along with effect of other planetary positions as the chart, as a whole always needs to be looked at along with the divisional charts also in addition to the natal chart.

Jupiter is the lord of seventh house and tenth house and is also retrograde, which means the effects of seventh house and tenth house i.e. matters related to partner and profession respectively, amongst others significations, would get effected and delayed in general and at the same time the individual would be quite analytic in everything he does, signified by the presence of North Node along with retrograde Jupiter in the ascendant.

This explanation is given only as a hint and further explanations and astrological training/lessons are out of scope here. You may raise a specific query which would get answered.

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As explained above

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Jan 17, 2021
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Sneha Singh
Jan 17, 2021

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