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After I cheated on my boyfriend, we broke up. But now I regret what I did and really want to get our relationship back. How can I restore my relationship and when will it happen?

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Jul 27, 2022



Hi Hh, Your chart suggests many trials and attempts in matters of relationship. Your disposition and personality type is emotional in nature, but your partners usually will lack the empathy and emotional quotient that you would be capable of, moreover an arranged marriage little later in life is better for you than a love marriage. If you feel that you are at guilt of cheating on your boyfriend then just mention that to him and how you feel about it, without intent of getting back or being accepted. Following path of truth and submission will help you find the right direction. Incase, your boyfriend does not respond or is not keen, then don't pursue further once you have told him your thoughts, wait for next 7 months and then after March 2023, try to connect again with him. Destiny can bring you both together next year and if it doesn't happen, then this person won't be of any importance for the future. Hope this helps your situation in life currently.



Lord of 7th house saturn from ascendant as well as Moon sign, 5th house lord conjunct ketu in 6th house, no symbiotic connection between 5th and 7th house lords. D-9 chart has 7th lord conjoining mars and D-9 ascendant lord in 6th house with ketu. Saturn transit into aquarius can help revive the situation.

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Jan 17, 2021

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