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Me and my boyfriend, both need to get married to each other, but our families are not accepting our love, we don't know what to do, and also in my boyfriend's home they are searching for a girl for him, one girl is chatting and calling her daily and trying to change his mind, in this matter his father and mother also not satisfied with that girl, but my boyfriend's elder sister trying to change his family mind and that girl also trying to change him for her side, we don't know what to do, me and him need to get married and live a long life happily, please help me, when will we both get married?

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Sri Lanka





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Aug 31, 2022



You have an open mind and an attractive speech. You can achieve your objectives and goals with sheer persistence.

Astrology cannot analyse whether you can get married to a particular person but it can provide the match compatibility between you and your partner. Further, as per your chart, there could be some delay in your getting married and you may have to take some extra efforts to get married with the person of your choice and selection.

The time starting from March 2024 onwards is conducive for your marriage. Your married life would be blissful, happy and you will have good conjugal family.

Best Wishes.



Cancer ascendant with the ascendant lord Moon posited in the second house; North Node (Rahu) posited in the ascendant and South Node (Ketu) posited in the seventh house; Significator Jupiter transits to Taurus in 2024 giving full aspect to the seventh house.

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