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I always feel stress and anxious, even I am not able to forget my bad past, is it due to rahu and Chandra. Please guide me, also if there is any remedy for relief and better future.

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Hard Times







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Apr 29, 2022



As per your chart, emotions and sentiments drive your thoughts and they are quite important for you and you bring them on in every part of your life, this is the aspect you may like to change, for having good and satisfactory life.

No singular astrological elements have a telling effect and it is always a holistic approach to the effect and there are no straight forward rules or policies in Vedic Astrology. The best remedy for you is to have a better control over your emotions which drive your thinking process.

Meditation has definite advantage in lifting your mood and general well being. Also, be objective in all your goals at least for a while, till you see things turning positive.

Best Wishes.



Mesha Lagna with exalted Sun conjunct Venus in the Lagna; Lagna lord in the third house; Moon conjunct retrograde Saturn in the eighth house; Ketu in the sixth house.

Tenth and eleventh lord retrograde Saturn in the eighth house conjunct a debilitated Moon; Saturn in the eighth house in the Dashamsha.

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Hard Times


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Jan 17, 2021

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