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Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to ask my question! So I am 13 year old girl, my parents are forcing me to wear hijab, I can't ask them to take it off because I will probably get yelled at and hit and my siblings will keep shaming me and annoying me, I hate wearing it so much, I hate how I look when I wear it and I hate having to spend an hour to wear it each time I am trying to get out of my house, it so annoying, I have insane amounts of mental breakdowns because of it, I tried manifesting to help but it didn't work, what should I do? Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it <3

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Jun 28, 2022



Based on your astrological chart, you have an agile and open mind and are an active person. You have good energy levels to take up any task. No matter how hard and daunting it may seem now, I want you to remember that it's not impossible!

Astrogically, the current time is not conducive for you from an overall perspective till Oct 2024, thus you need to approach everything with little care and be diplomatic in your approach without antagonising anyone.

Non Astrologically, from a guidance perspective - Let's dissect your problem to come up with a better action plan for you.

On one hand, you have a family that is yet to evolve and give you the freedom to choose; while on the other, you are bottling up inside which is making you weaker. Remember, making your loved ones grow/change can be a long, not-so-easy process; it involves communicating your feelings presented in a way that hits them enough to go against societal norms. Your mental strength will be a super power throughout. The stress you have is likely due to your hesitation to communicate properly. Start small, share how you feel to a close friend you trust, or may be start journalling - it could be a personal diary or a public blog anonymously! I know it's hard but practise gratitude for the things that are going right in your life. Sometimes, we tend to amplify negatives in our head; you need to put it in check.

Once you feel strong from within, get to understand why your parents are forcing you to wear hijab. Counter question them politely why is it important for them, listen intently. Instead of saying hijab suffocates you upfront (and probably ending up in a heated argument), ask your mom in a casual setting, doesn't she find it annoying sometimes? How did her mom introduce it to her? How did she manage to put it on in time crunch? Try indirect motivation, 'Hey Dad, <insert a friend here> doesn't wear hijab anymore! Her parents allowed her! '.

Gradually you will become independent and would be mentally much stronger.

Best Wishes.



Scorpio ascendant with the ascendant lord Mars posited in the eighth house; North Node (Rahu) posited in the third house in conjunction with a retrograde and debilitated Jupiter; Moon posited in the seventh house.

North Node (Rahu) major period ongoing with North Node (Rahu) sub period till Oct 2024.

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