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I don't want to know the usual Gunas of kundali matching. She is from a different religion and I'm very confused if I should go ahead and get married to her against my parents wishes. Will it impact health & well being of my parents? Also, wanted to know if this is a Karmic connection from previous births. Some guidance would really help. GF DOB: 18/09/1991 Birth Time: Around 3: 45 PM to 4 PM (Exact time not available) Birthplace: Mumbai, India

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Jun 2, 2022



We have analysed the charts of yours and that of your girlfriend. As it can be seen from the charts, the relationship with those in the family on both sides would be not so normal, especially with your mother.

Health analysis of your parents could be looked in to from their birth charts and not from yours. Overall married life would be normal and progressive in nature. Karmic connection on a lower side can be seen in your chart but not found in the chart of your girlfriend.

You can go ahead with the alliance as there are no negative connotations implied in the charts.

Best Wishes.



Dhanu lagna with the lagna lord exalted and posited in the eighth house conjunct Ketu versus Makar lagna with lagna lord retrograde Saturn posited in the lagna with full aspect on third, seventh and tenth houses.

Seventh lord retrograde Mercury in the fifth house and Mars in the seventh house versus seventh lord Moon in the twelfth house conjunct Rahu and Venus in the seventh house.

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