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My girlfriend and I seem to have hit a rough patch. We have been together for 4.5 years but she does not seem inclined to get married. What is the path in future for me? Will she be there or she wants to leave me for someone else?

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Mar 14, 2022



When analysing relationships the birth details of both persons, if available gives a better perspective. Since in this case no details of the girl are available the analysis has been done only with respect to your chart.

As per your chart, there would be some delay in your getting married but you will have a happy married and conjugal life. The current time is quite conducive for your marriage till around May 2023. So, if your girlfriend doesn't come on board for your marriage in this time, you can move on in your life.

A direct and open communication should clear the air for you. You can take the initiative and decide on the future course of action.

Good Luck.



Simha lagna with lagna lord Sun in the eighth house conjunct an exalted and retrograde Venus; Sixth and Seventh lord Saturn is posited in the seventh house conjunct retrograde Mercury;

Seventh lord Saturn is exalted and is in the lagna of the Navamsha. Jupiter Maha Dasha with Saturn Antar Dasha ongoing followed by Mercury Antar Dasha.

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