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My ex and I have been fighting a lot. I decided to walk away from the relationship. About four days ago he reached out and was giving me pretty much everything I asked but I felt resentment towards him. I didn't like that I had to leave to prove how much he should show his love for me. I ended up telling him that we don't need to be in contact right now. We ended up getting in a really big fight which ended in him slamming his door and not contacting me the last three days. Will he come back?

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Aug 5, 2022



Dear Bray,

Relationship matters would remain complex for you untill end of 2023. If you are serious about this person in your life, you have to come in terms of what has transpired and stay calm and move on.

If he is meant to be your partner in life he will reach out and come back by end of 2023 and beginning of 2024, if he does not not this wasn't meant to be the long term relatiosnhip anyways.

Also, in matters of your partner you would face some excess behaviour on their side, excees habits, excess lust or anger or excess food eating. You have to see this pattern objectively and be compassionate before you take strong opinions and decisions in your relationship patterns.



Jupiter in sagittarius lagna produce excess in matters of partners. Ketu dasha underway with Jupiter transit in 10th house and Saturn in 9th house, difficult for marriage outcomes to happen in this dahsa.

Next dasha of venus which is lord of 5th house of romance activates 5th house and lords of ascendant. Trasnit of jupiter in12th will favour marriage.

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