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Hello Sir, I'm having Ketu conjuct Venus in my Navamsha Chart. How it affect my married life? Will my married life be happy? At what age will I get married?

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Jul 29, 2022



Dear Viju,

You have Venus conjunct Ketu in D-9 chart of your horoscope, also Venu conjoins Rahu in D-1 chart. This indicates you will have marriage with someone who is from a different caste or religion, even if the partner is from same community, you will find the person has substanial culture difference in way of upbringing and values.

This could become a potential reason for your conflicts in relationship, if you can manage this aspect. Marriage should be fine. Starting 2023 and until mid of 2024 is a prospective time for your marriage to be fixed if you are looking in that direction.

Its possible you will have to stay away from partner due to professional reasons which isn't a bad thing. Your partner being unavaillable to you physically or emotionally is a possibility. For example, after marriage he may get a job opportunity abroad and he may not be able to take you with him.

Such scenarious if well managed, your relationship should be fine in general.

Hope this answers your query.



Lord of 7th house sitting 12th from itself and Ven-Rahu conjoin in general brings disturbance in marriage of certain types. Navamsha charts shows Rahu-Ketu axis in 1-7 houses and Ketu conjoins Venus bringing other culture syndrome, long distance relationship and also unavailability of a partner in usual sense.

End of sade-sati phase and saturn transit in 10th house along with Moon-Jupiter dasha being activated brings possibilities of marriage ceremony. Jupiter transits in aries which is 12th house with yogakaraka saturn will increase chances of marriage.

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