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After my unfulfilled 13 year relationship, I vowed to not date or be with anyone. lately I've been feeling strongly about someone as if this person and I feel the same way telepathically, I feel like this is another version of my ex bf but better. Do you see this person coming into my life or us meeting in the near future? I tend to attract foreigners from other countries. My latest relationship was long distance, they lived in europe and me here in the states.

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Jul 7, 2022



You have a balanced mind and you have a reasonable thinking style. You listen to all sides before making up an opinion.

As per your chart, it is likely that you could have some kind of misunderstanding between each other with your partner, but this is most likely would happen only the first time and may not get repeated in life.

Also, your partner is likely to be from a far off country or place and not someone from nearby. The current ongoing time is quite favourable to you with respect to getting into new relationships till mid 2023 and even after that you generally have a good time for the next fourteen years till 2036.

Best Wishes.



Libra ascendant with the ascendant lord Venus posited in the tenth house conjunct Moon; Seventh lord retrograde Mars posited in the second house in Pisces; Venus major period ongoing till 2036 and currently Mars sub period is ongoing till mid 2023.

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