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My ex boyfriend left me 4 months ago saying he was very exhausted with his family and friends and he needs break, also said he will contact me in 2-3 weeks but he didnt. I love him so much that I cant even think of talking to someone else. Is there any possiblity that he will come back to me ever?

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Jul 29, 2022



Dear Urbi,

If until February 2023, this person is not back into your life, then he will never be back. You will have to forget about him and move on in life.

For love matters, you have a good phase until April 2023 and you should pursue the right relationship. If he has constraints, then you should express your issues to him and leave it there.

Things can change for you for the good, else if he still doesn't wants to comeback then there is no point pursuing this relationship after Feb 2023.

Incase this relationship doesn't workout then stay away from affairs until March 2024, towards end of 2024 you will restart your realtionships and your state of mind would be very different then to get and find the right partner.

Hope this clarifies your query.



Rahu-Moon Dasha is pinacle of affairs sitting in 9th and 7th house respectively with Jupiter transit in Pisces aspecting Rahu. Rahu-Mars phase will bring dissolution of all relationships since lording 6th and lagna sitting in 12th house. Jupiter dash is favourable overall and especially for new relationships and romance as lord of 5th house and transiting through 7th house.

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