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Is there any future with my ex or not? After breakup he came to talk to me but he didn't say clearly what's on his mind and why he's talking to me. He just said, I miss you and I like to talk to you. And then he said something that gave a sign of our future together. But then today, I asked him why he's talking to me what is the reason behind this he said, I like to talk to you. So I'm confused what should I do?

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Jun 21, 2022



As per your chart, initailly there could be some kind of friction or some kind of distancing with your partner.

Astrology can give you the extent of matching and compatibility with the person you have in mind after the charts' analysis, however it cannot answer whether one gets into a relationship or marries a particular person.

As per your chart, you would have some differences with your partner and they will most likely settle down and you will lead a normal and happy conjugal life.

Best Wishes.



Meena lagna with retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Saturn posited in the second house; Seventh lord Mercury posited in the ninth house conjunct Sun; Seventh lord Mercury exalted in the Kanya Navamsha and is conjunct retrograde Saturn in the ninth house in Navamsha.

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