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A guy I was in love with chose another lady over me and got married suddenly due to corona last year for financial stability and other benefits, despite having strong feelings for me. He has always been hot and cold towards me for years. But he contacted me again after 8months of his marriage. I heard from his family that he was/is unhappy with his wife and his inlaws during that time and maybe even now. However, I asked him not to ever come back to me again. Now it's been 7 months that we have not contacted each other. But we both feel strongly connected even now. Is he going to divorce his wife and propose to me for marriage? What should I do in this case? Do I have the placements of marrying a divorcee in my chart? Should I accept him?

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Jul 28, 2022



You have an attractive personality, with a sharp memory and a tender heart. You take things to heart quite quickly and also become emotional in your reactions, but you are a warrior and you are quite capable of fighting out adverse situations.

As per your chart, there could be some love loss or friction with your partner the first time and you could get married to a divorcee and your compatibility with that person could be better analysed with the chart analysis of that person.

You should get the chart compatibility analysis of yours and that of your future spouse in detail before getting married.

You would have a good, happy and stable married life with conjugal happiness.

Best Wishes.



Tula lagna with the lagna lord Venus posited in the second house; Seventh lord Mars posited in the third house conjunct Mercury and Rahu; Moon conjunct Ketu posited in the ninth house; Seventh lord Mars debilitated and posited in the eighth house in Navamsha; Venus exalted and posited in the Navamsha.

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