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I am a dentist with qualification of Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (BDS). I completed my BDS degree in October 2019. From October 2019 to till today, I am jobless. I have applied for many jobs as a dentist but unfortunately I didn't received any call from them. I also appeared for many interviews for the posts of Dental Surgeons but there too I was not selected. I am desperately searching for a government job as a dentist . Can you please tell, do I have any chance of getting a government job as a dentist in this year of 2022? And will you also tell where will I get the Government job (will it be in my birthplace or away from birth place)?

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Jul 23, 2022



You have an agile and active mind. You tend to overlook minor things as you could have a tendency to focus on big things in every situation, which you need to change.

As per your chart, you have a pretty good chance of getting into a government job and you need to put in consistent hard work and efforts for achieving that. The time starting Jan 2023 is favourable to you with resect to your career.

You will have a good and satisfying professional career and you would also prosper and acquire good name and fame, keep your hard work and efforts going.

Best Wishes.



Vrischika lagna with the lagna lord Mars posited in the eighth house; Tenth lord Sun posited in the own house of Simha conjunct Mercury; Retrograde Saturn posited in the fourth house and has its full aspect on the tenth house; Sun posited in the tenth house of Dashamsha also in own sign Simha conjunct Mars; Moon Maha Dasha and Moon Antar Dasha ongoing and Sun Pratyantar Dasha starts in Jan 2023.

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Jan 17, 2021

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