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I am a medical dropper student from last 3 years I want to be a MBBS Doctor for which I am preparing for neet exam. From last 2 years becoming unsuccessful and my mind didn't help me in study. When I open books a very strong distraction comes to me. Please tell me remedies to become successful in study to become a great doctor and please tell me will I become a Doctor?

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May 16, 2022



You have an attribute and capacity to take things to logical conclusion and this aspect will help you in the long run.

As per your chart, yes, you could enter the medical field and become a doctor, but that would require your complete and whole hearted dedication and hard work without which the destiny doesn't play a role.

You should start performing meditation in the early mornings on a regular basis to develop the abilities to focus and concentration for longer durations, this would help you in a good way to achieve your objective of preparing and studying for the exams.

Best Wishes.



Lagna lord and the lord of sixth house Venus posited in the lagna in conjunction with the lord of tenth house Saturn; Lord of fourth house Sun posited in the third house in a friendly sign.

Lord of third house Moon posited in a trine in the fifth house; Jupiter conjunct rahu and Mercury; Jupiter giving full aspect to sixth house and tenth house.

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