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I'm already 27 now, I want to move abroad and study and settle down in foreign land completely (USA) . I don't have finances to take up this decision and move ahead. So what is written in my destiny? On the other hand there are lot quarrels / fights at home with my parents on daily basis, I want to be free from them. Is it a good choice to move out because I'm not comfortable staying away from home. Also is Marriage written in my destiny? If yes, will I choose love marriage or my parents will pick the bride for an arranged marriage?

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Mar 15, 2022



You have a hard working attitude and as per your chart, you need to develop being persistent with efforts over long periods of time, which could be lacking.

There could be foreign trips for you for leisure and pleasure and you would be best employed and prosper in your own country rather than a foreign country. You would get a job or work at a place far off from your home town and you will reach a high position in your career and you should consistently put efforts for that.

You would get married to a beautiful spouse and the chances of an arranged marriage are better than that of a love marriage and you will have a dominant say in choosing your life partner.

Best Wishes.



Makar lagna with lagna lord in the second house; Jupiter retrograde in the eleventh house; Ninth house lord in the fifth house; In the Dashamsha Ketu in the ninth house.

Mars is debilitated in the seventh house; Seventh lord Moon conjunct Sun and Ketu in the fourth house; Tenth lord Venus exalted in the third house.

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Jan 17, 2021
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Jan 17, 2021

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