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Born on 6th September 1996, 10.20.AM, Chennai, I have faced so many challenges in past year, my job is not good, my marriage with Vignesh(born on 15th Nov 1989, Dindigul, 7.33 AM) is struggling (married on 25th February 2021), left maritial house on April 2021 due to high pressure given by my in-laws to give complaint on Shyamala stating that my husband is under clutches of Shymala(Sister in law) and pressured me to revive him back. When confronted Shymala, she state that she is motherly figure but Vignesh is very much attached to her and couldn't be controlled by his mother and father. He has physically assaulted his father for advising him not to stay in Shyamala's house and Vignesh father closed oil factory setup in Coimbatore for him as Shyamala too is involved in finance. Till today Vignesh has not called me and my family is proceeding for divorce. Should I give my married life another chance or should I let this go and start a new life? On judjing Vignesh's character, he dances for tunes of Shymala. When I asked him about this confrontation given by his relatives and parents, he told me that his family has done so many sins and he is planning to take sanyas. In just 40 days of marriage, he told me to go my way and he will go his way.

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Vishnu Priya









Asked On: 

Mar 14, 2022



We have analysed both the charts of yours and that of your husband Vignesh's. The match compatibility is of both the charts is just average and not so conducive, however it is not highly negative.

The current time is not conducive to decide on the aspect of continuity of the marriage till Dec 2022 and you need to observe and make the marriage worthwhile if possible till then. If required you can decide on the future course of action after Jan 2023.

However, as per your husband's chart, things may not be quite evident hence you need to observe and give the relationship some more time. Best wishes for your life ahead.



Tula Lagna with the Lagna lord Venus in the tenth house of Karka, conjunct Mars which being the seventh lord;

Pitru Dosha in the seventh house of Navamsha, retrograde exalted Saturn conjunct debilitated Sun;

Jupiter Maha Dasha running with Ketu Antar Dasha; Venus Antar Dasha starts in Jan 2023.

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Jan 17, 2021
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Jan 17, 2021

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