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I am 25 years old, well settled and satisfied with my career as of now, however, I have been unlucky in love till date. After my heartbreak in 2019 I haven't been able to move on. After giving people so much love now I want to be loved by the right person. Since I made the decision to move on I have failed in finding the right person. These days I am talking to a guy, he seems nice and understanding, we have alot in common but I am not sure about his feelings and also about my feelings for him. I think that there is something more than just friends between us but not sure. On the other hand my parents have now started looking for a perfect match for me. I am stuck between the Arranged marriage procedure and my undiscovered feelings for this guy. What should I do? Should I wait for this guy to confess? Should I ask him myself about what he feels? Or should I just treat him as a friend and go ahead with the arranged marriage thing? Honestly I dont have the energy to bear another heartbreak. I really want something real and permanent this time. A true love and a Soulmate that would fill my soul with happiness once again. Really looking forward to your answer!

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Aug 10, 2022



Dear Mamta,

You had begun a phase of your life just in 2019 where relationship could have worked out or broken giving you pain of a very degree breaking your assumptions and ego. Even if it had worked out, eventually you would have regretted the relationship.

Forgive him and move on.

Your chart although suggests you have great passion and interest in love affairs or romantic aspects, but your chances are more for an arranged marriage than a love marriage.

My advice to you is to pursue arranged marriage and start looking at prospective grooms. Meanwhile this person you have in your life keep talking to him too, you should get clarity by February 2023. Even your marriage matters won't naturally progress till then so you will have time on your side to make a decision about this person and then go for marriage post that.

Hope have provided you with some clarity.



Sadesati onset gave break-up, fundamental to relationship aspects, hence onset of this phase and peak coming in 2023 will bring many confusions.

No associations of 5th and 7th lord mutually or rahu or shani aspects on 7th house, indicating more of an arranged marriage.

Lord of 5th with venus and lord of 7th with Rahu can bring love affairs and needs great luck to conclude into a marriage.

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