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I have been in Depression for a while now. Since 2018 I have been more alone than ever been. I have no friends and not even able to make any friend. I have been doing horribly bad in studies. Most Importantly my mind drives me crazy. When will things improve in my life? Will I have friends or just people with whom I feel comfortable and can share anything?

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Hard Times



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Apr 2, 2022



As per your chart, your mind would never be calm and peaceful and you would have lot of difficulty to focus on your goals and objectives.

You would certainly have good friends in your life with whom you can spend good time, be comfortable and also share other things. There is a good probability of you having better female friends.

Things could gradually improve for you from the current time and over the next three to four years you could be in a good position.

Good Luck.



Dhanu Lagna with Lagna lord in the seventh house conjunct Venus and Rahu; Eighth lord Moon posited in Lagna conjunct Ketu;

Ashtakavarga scores of the tenth and eleventh houses are 33 and 31 respectively and the same for Dashamsha are 32 each; . Rahu MD starts in 2024.

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Hard Times


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Jan 17, 2021

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